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River East Minor Hockey

REMHA Online Registration Instructions

1.Ensure that one parent of the player you are registering has completed their Parent Respect In Sport and has linked that to the players being registered. The Parent RIS is different and separate from the coaching RIS. If you are a coach you will need to complete the Parent RIS in conjunction with Coaching RIS.
2.Click on the REMHA Registration Link: REMHA - Hockey Canada Registration System.
3.Once you have signed in you may click on “Register an existing Participant” if they have played hockey previously, or “Register a New Player” if they have never played before. Then “start registration box”.
4.Either Search the participant by entering, first name, last name and birthdate. Or enter the info required to create a new player.
5.Registration Options: These divisions are automatically filtered based on the child's age and gender:

Male and Female Hockey: For example if the child is a female 14 year old two options will show up one for U15 and one for U15 Female. If the child is female and wants to play boys hockey they should select U15. If they wish to play Female hockey they should select U15 Female. Male players may only play male hockey.

Level of Play: U9 players can select between U9 “A” hockey and U9 “House Hockey”. U9 “A” hockey will involve tryouts, U9 House is recreational house league hockey.

U13 and older can select between “AA” tryouts, and “A” Select the registration you want.

Body Contact: U15 and U18 AA and A1 is body contact, players can choose to opt out of that division.

6.Answer the questionnaire
7.Accept the waivers
8.Either proceed to checkout or register another player
9.Select credit card option
10.Enter credit card info
11.Enter your credit card information and wait receipt notice.
12.Your registration is now complete.
13.If you said yes to the question of volunteering as coach or assistant coach