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  Hockey Winnipeg Communication
February 12th, 2021

With the changes to the Manitoba Public Health orders coming into effect today, this will allow for organized practices and exhibition games to be played on outdoor hockey rinks and one-on-one training to occur on indoor hockey rinks. As such, Hockey Manitoba has released a new version of their Return To Play Plan (RTP). This RTP document can be viewed by following this link: RTP Version 5. It is crucial to the success of any team wishing to participate in organized activities to read this document and implement the guidelines therein.

In addition to reviewing and adhering to the new RTP Document, Hockey Winnipeg’s regulations on Game Postponements and Rescheduling (Hockey Winnipeg Website, Resources Tab, Rule Book, Page 61) must be considered regarding the outside temperature. These temperature guidelines apply to both exhibition games and practices. Teams who wish to engage in an exhibition game must complete the appropriate form on the Hockey Winnipeg Website (Forms Tab, Exhibition Game Form) and they must ensure that proper regulations are followed such as the use of certified officials only, the use of a Hockey Winnipeg gamesheet and that the rink is suitable for play. A suitable rink is one that is lined, has working player benches, suitable nets and has no gaps in the boards/gates/fences.

Ian McArton, Executive Director - Hockey Winnipeg

January 30th, 2021

Effective January 30, 2021 the Board of Directors and Executive Members of Hockey Winnipeg have made the difficult decision to cancel the remainder of the 2020/2021 Regular Hockey Season and Playoffs. This directive excludes those teams that participate in provincially run leagues.

It has always been the hope of Hockey Winnipeg to return to scheduled league play, however the current restrictions, timelines and ice availability does not make that feasible. This decision is not closing the door on hockey this year, just Hockey Winnipeg regular season and playoff games. This will allow for Area Associations within Hockey Winnipeg to provide local programming for the balance of the season as public health restrictions may allow.

Hockey Winnipeg and our Area Associations will be working to provide fair refunds to our members over the next few months. The refunds will be pro-rated based upon the amount of activity that has taken place and what activity can be offered at the local level once restrictions allow. Some fees are not recoverable (such as tryout fees where tryouts have taken place, player insurance, etc.) and those fees will not be refunded. Should refunds be provided, they will be distributed to members by the end date of a typical hockey season which is April 30th, 2021.

The Board of Directors and Executive Members of Hockey Winnipeg did not take this decision lightly and it is with heavy hearts and after lengthy discussion that we share this directive. We would like to thank our members for being patient throughout this trying season and we regret the premature end of the 2020/2021 hockey season. We plan to support our Area Associations as much as possible with locally run programming.

Chris Hall, President - Hockey Winnipeg
Ian McArton, Executive Director - Hockey Winnipeg

January 14th, 2021

In accordance with the extension to January 22nd, 2021 of the Public Heath Orders that have paused Minor Hockey since October 31st, 2020, Hockey Winnipeg would like to update the community and our members with our current position.

At this point in time, Hockey Winnipeg and it’s ten Minor Hockey Associations are committed to providing our members with organized minor hockey programming at such time as the public health orders will permit. Once the public health orders allow group sports to resume and indoor sports facilities to re-open, Hockey Winnipeg will assess the existing restrictions and implement appropriate programming through our Area Associations. Our priority is to engage the youth in our community in safe, fun and beneficial activities. We are not willing to abandon minor hockey programs for our membership this year.

The question has been raised in the community about refunding registration and team fees. It is still the hope of Hockey Winnipeg to put those fees to good use for programming this season. We are not able to issue refunds at this point in time, but the Executive of Hockey Winnipeg is committed to providing fair refunds to our members once we are able to determine exactly what can be done in terms of our program length and content.

Hockey Winnipeg would like to encourage all of our members to continue to practice the fundamentals of safety during this pandemic and we would like to remind everyone to put the safety of your community first over the coming weeks. We will get though this and get back to the sport we love soon.

Ian McArton
Hockey Winnipeg

  Hockey Update - 2021
January 12th, 2021

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone had a nice holiday and is keeping well. We have had several questions over the last while about the possibility of an upcoming season and refunds if the season doesn’t take place. I would like to provide the following update.

We had a Hockey Winnipeg meeting on January 9th after the Covid restriction extension was announced. While the associations are committed to a possible season, we can not do anything until some of the restrictions are lifted and we are approved to do so. The new restrictions have been extended to January 22nd. We hope to know by the 22nd or shortly after what the possibility of a season will look like.

We have had several inquiries about refunds and our executive is looking at possible scenarios. We must determine which expenses from Hockey Canada, Hockey Manitoba and Hockey Winnipeg will be recoverable if we do not have a season. An example of an expense that would not be recoverable would be the insurance cost applied to every registered player. This cost must be paid whether a player attends one tryout, or plays an entire season. Another expense is paying for the tryouts administered by REMHA. Once other expenses are tabulated and we know if we will be having any kind of a season, we will have a better idea of a possible refund. We ask for patience while these details are worked out.

We will update you within the next two weeks as we learn more about the situation.


Jarred Dolyniuk
REMHA President

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