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2019-2020 Ice Directors Annual Report

Stats for the past season.

Development Camp/Clinics

Tryouts Direct Entry 43 Hours
Tryouts AA Hockey 44 Hours
Tryouts East League 58 Hours
Development Camp/Clinics 58 hours

Game Ice Allocations

AA & Direct Entry 435 games played 444.5 hrs used
East League 146 games played 146 hrs used
House League 167 games played 167 hrs used

Practice ice allocations

AA/Direct Entry/House League/East League 916 hours provided
Garson 111 hours provided
Lost practice hours from Terry Sawchuk Arena closure* 232 hours

      *Based on hours provided previous season

Playoff ice allocations

Hosted 4 categories:

A2 Bantam Female, A1 Peewee, A1 Midget, AA Bantam

99 games in total were scheduled to be played utilizing 121.5 hours. Playoffs were interrupted due to Covid19 pandemic.

Ice costs (per hour) for this past season:

City ice  $211.23
Gateway $211.50
East St Paul $215.00
Garson $162.75

Ice costs (per hour) for the upcoming season:

City ice TBD
Gateway TBD
East St Paul TBD
Garson TBD

The past season started off with a substantial impact caused by the unexpected closure of Terry Sawchuk Arena. Our association was the major ice user at this facility utilizing almost 60% of the total hours that were available. Although losing hours on Saturday/Sunday was a concern, the impact felt most by our association was losing the weekday hours from Monday to Friday. The bulk of games are played on the weekends throughout most of the leagues which doesnít leave a lot of time available for practices. This is the reason why weekday practice times are important.

The city did its best to try and accommodate the loss of Terry Sawchuk. They did provide some additional hours at Billy Mosienko and Bertrand Arenas. Unfortunately it appears that due to budgetary concerns, Terry Sawchuk Arena will be permanently closed.

As the season progressed, we continued with the practice of scheduling all of our games at Gateway and East St Paul. River East, Billy Mosienko and Bertrand were used strictly as practice facilities. Garson ice is used strictly for practice times as well.

Exemption requests remain an issue with some teams making multiple wishes. In the second half, 48 out of the 74 teams in our association requested an exemption. The requests impact both the game and practice scheduling.

For playoffs this season, we hosted a total of 4 divisions namely: A2 Bantam Female, A1 Peewee, A1 Midget and AA Bantam. We had sufficient hours available to schedule all of the games at either Gateway or East St. Paul. Unfortunately, the Covid19 pandemic put a quick end to the playoffs just as we entering the final 2 weeks.

I am again voicing my opinion regarding the need to change the rules governing playoff games that end up tied. Hockey Winnipeg made the four on four format permanent this season. Regardless, it remains my opinion that no playoff games ending in a tie be rescheduled. There are many ways a winner can be declared in a tie game and they must be decided on the day they are scheduled.

I would like to thank the following who volunteered as convenors for the playoffs. They spent many hours at the arenas making sure the playoffs ran smoothly: Keith McLennan, Grant McLennan, Brent McIntyre and Lisa Schick.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the REMHA board members for their assistance and cooperation. It appears there are some changes in the offing with some of the board positions. I would like to thank all those leaving for your efforts and dedication to REMHA.

In addition, thanks again to Sherri Quesnel from Gateway for scheduling the practice times. Brent Wilkinson, VP East League, who helped out with the East League game schedules and John Delacruz VP House League for his assistance and input into house league games. Thanks also to Nancy Plustwa from East St. Paul.

There are two things I would like to mention in closing. Firstly, I have been with the board for about 15 years holding various positions. I can say without hesitation that this has been a most difficult season for some of our board members. The personal attacks on some of the board members, innuendos and social bullying that took place this past season is inexcusable. The board is made up of volunteers who try their best to produce a program where our kids have fun, learn social skills, team building skills and are able to develop throughout the year. Thatís it in a nutshell, there is no hidden agenda.

Secondly, we donít know what lies ahead regarding the impact of the Covid19 pandemic. The city has scheduled a meeting with the major ice users (REMHA is considered as one) regarding arenas. Information will be provided to the board once our meetings resume.

Have a safe summer.

Jernej Anderlic
Ice Director REMHA


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