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2021- 2022 Directors Year End Report

The 2021-2022 season was as close as we can call back to normal considering the constantly changing Covid protocols. I am happy to report that most of our development plan took place. Last season was my first year as Development Director and it was very frustrating to see all the plans we had essentially be put on pause.

Beginning with our 6-week rust buster program for all U7 and U9 House League players but added this year was a 4 week Development Pathway skate for all U9 and U11 players trying out for an A level team. These skate took place before tryouts and were a great help in preparing the players for their tryouts this year.

Every U7 House League team also received 2 skill development ice times to help focus coaches and players on learning those core basic skills.

We completed U15 body contact and body checking camps, where we had players playing in contact leagues learning proper body checking technique and players playing in non-contact leagues learning body contact and safety positioning on the ice.

We completed out clinic for teaching power skating. Every A level team and AA team was asked to provide 1 coach to take a clinic on how to teach power skating, so they could take that to their teams for their practices for the season. That was a resounding success in attendance as well as great feed back on Bowen Barrett for his instruction.

We continued our agreement with Vigier Hockey to provide female instructors for our development skates for our Female Program, as well as adding power skating ice times with Bowen Barrett to increase the skating development.

We resumed our REMHA A level skills and skating practices where every Royals team Ages U9-U13 received 4 ice times with either Ryan Bonni to work on skills and tactics or Bowen Barrett to work on skating stride and power skating. We also included specialized Goaltending instruction during the skating practices. One tweak we made to that this year was focusing on the younger teams to receive more skating practices and the older teams to receive more skill and tactics. We felt the more we could get stronger skaters at a younger age the more that skating stride/technique would help them in the long run as its harder to change skating strides as the players get older.

We completed a very successful Bauer First Shift program, where we had 31 children aged 4-10 who were never involved in hockey before getting outfitted with equipment from Bauer and get on ice sessions to learn basic skills and skating to get them interested in the sport. Many of those children will be joining our program this coming year.

In this off season we have started our first ever Northeast Eagles skill development camp for female players aged 5-10. This focuses on basic core skills and skating to help build the female program. On top of it being run by long time coaches in our area, we have several female U18 AA players who are helping run the ice times.

In August, we are also going to be offering 2 format transition programs for players who are leaving U7 and moving to U9 as well as moving from U9 to U11. In both cases players will be working on skills as well as preparing them for the changes to their game format for the next season. We are running a goalie “try out” night, where players in those younger age groups can come out and try goal to see if they like playing the position. Equipment will be provided as well as instructions from professional coaches.

Sadly, there were 2 projects that I was not able to get done last season, however I already have plans in place to make them happen for next season.

We will be having specialized goalie development next season, with professional instructors coming to each teams practices several times during the season. They will work with the teams’ coaches to create a development plan for the weeks in between their visits.

We will also be adding a goaltending instruction clinic which like the power skating, all teams will be asked to provide a coach to attend.

Lastly, we will be putting on more clinics for coaches focusing on practice planning and tactics. We have a lot of new coaches every year or coaches moving up in age groups who need help in planning practices efficiently and providing content which is appropriate for that age group and level. We will address is this coming season.

Overall, we did a lot last year to get ourselves back from a shut down season. We will add more for next season and continue to improve the development resources and offering for our players and coaches.

Thanks, Nolan Shortridge


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